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ID 3344753429: my account have been suspended, why?

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Matricola ✭



I have an adwords account but only today I was working around to use Ad Words.

I received an email:

Dear AdWords Advertiser,


We periodically review accounts for security purposes and to verify billing information. As a result of this review, your account and any related accounts have been suspended, and your ads are no longer running on Google. 

If you believe your account was suspended in error, please contact us through the AdWords Help Center.



The Google AdWords Team



Your AdWords account number:  (Removed by Community Manager)


Google Ireland Ltd.

Gordon House, Barrow Street

Dublin 4, Ireland


I don't know why. In the next day I'll need Ad Words.

Thanks for your reply!



Rif.: ID 3344753429: my account have been suspended, why?

Laureato ✭ ✭ ✭

Dear Daniela,


first of all I suggest to you to check your billing information and see if you have to add budget

second one I would like just to say that this is the Italian AdWords Community and I wondering if you speak italian

I'm sure that in the italian Community the most of us are English Cultured but anyway we have to sell using the Italian language


You can also call a free help center, you'll find this information up on the right side


kind regard




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