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desperate plee for help BLOGGER

Matricola ✭

COULD SOME SCIENTENT FORM OF LIFE OVER THERE IN GOOGLE LAND HELP ME SOLVE MY HUGE PROBLEM WITH BLOGGER PLEASE??? and do not direct me on faq or forums 'cause it's not working!!! since blogger was bought by google I am getting crazy and CANNOT access one of my blogs anymore. Any living form of life please HELP!

N.B. blogger does not allow to ask direct question that is why i am seeking out for help here

Rif.: desperate plee for help BLOGGER

Community Manager

Hi Livia P,


thanks for your question. Unfortunately we are unable to help you in this Community... this space hosts AdWords experts who are unlikely to be able to answer your Blogger-related question. I would, however, suggest you do try to post on the Blogger Forum. They will know what to do in such a situation. 


I am sorry I am not able to help you to solve your issue, but the Blogger experts in the Blogger forum are definitely more qualified to help you out. 


Thanks for your understanding and best of luck.