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From GAE to GAnalytics - Missing Writings

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I've a problem with interaction between a Java GAE Application and Google Analytics.
To send requests for write in Analytics, we using UA-57123658-1 as Tracking-ID, and as Client-ID we using the request_id obtained through "com.google.appengine.runtime.request_log_id".

The problem is the follow : for each available endpoint in our GAE App, we track information but periodically some scriptures are lost (in the order of 40%).
For example, in date 2015-04-14, against 35715 calls, Analytics wrote 20917 only. In date 2015-04-15, against 36967 calls, Analytics wrote 21250 only.

To write on Analytics we are using directly Java API, exploiting the QueueFactory.getQueue("googleAnalytics") in async mode.
Moreover, given two identical calls (with same input, computation, logs, size and output) in one case writing in Analytics is performed, in the other case no.
But, for both, into AppEngine Logs we always see the same correct statement : "Data has been sent to Google Analytics using the Measurement Protocol: UA-57123658-1".

Could you help me to understand the problem?
Is it possible that these Google Analytics Default Queue has limits that we have exceeded?

Finally, in Official Documentation (https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/protocol/v1/limits-quotas?hl=it#client_... we finded this sentences: "Each client library implements a rate limiting mechanism that ensures you don't send too many hits at once. [...] the maximum limit has been reached, and no new requests are sent. Then over a small period of time, the count is increased back to its original limit, allowing data to be sent again."
Is it possible that these limits are applied in generally and not only with SDK Library?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,


Rif.: From GAE to GAnalytics - Missing Writings

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Hi Francesco,
have you tried to contact our customer service?

Rif.: From GAE to GAnalytics - Missing Writings

Matricola ✭
Ciao Silvia,
purtroppo non ho ricevuto le informazioni di cui necessitavo. Questo il motivo del mio post.
Grazie per il suggerimento.